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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Tahrir Square in peaceful times circa 50 years ago (B). But the ferment for revolution has already begun perhaps much earlier.
Mubarak's rule made the ferment worst and finally exploded bloodily. He has to pay for it and the whole of Egypt is still suffering. Will the sphinx cry?

Movies shown were ala western - pistoleros, cigar smoking, bikini clad ... The west has seeded conflicts within society and inner souls of Egyptians.

Islam was sacred still.

The Egypt of Gamal Nasser humiliated in wars with Israel and the west. Egypt, the symbol and pysch of Arab power was traumatically trounced.

Anwar Sadat replaced Gamal as President. He signed the Camp David lop-sided agreement. Egypt was again humiliated by Israel and the West . He was doomed to be assassinated.

Agriculture and food production was not in keeping with modern technologies.

Dam the Nile - the Russians helped funding and building the Aswan Dam. However, the fellahins still use the Archimedes screw technique to bring up water to irrigate farms. The technique has been in use for thousands of years.

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