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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Hamid Albar is one of those recyled politicians that Najib keeps in his stable of underdogs. He is the SPADman. He is stuck with 1SYNDROME just like Najib of 1ALL that actually promote herd mentality, an antithesis of innovativeness. Like Najib, Hamid also carry his father's image as the scion of a statesman.

In his latest antic Hamid is branding towards 1taxi, the Proton Exora 1.6L as the mother of all taxis in Malaysia. The Exora is a fine utility vehicle. However, why not offer several models of Proton that include a saloon type to serve different transportation needs to suit the circumstances of the taxi owners and drivers?

Consider these situations:

1. The taxi owners might have their own cars eg. Mercedes; to buy a new Exora will add cost to their operation. Pass the buck to the customers!
2. Exoras do not have separate booths - valuables, money, documents etc. are safer if kept locked in the booths.
3. Without a separate booth, the Exora is not good to ferry durians which the taximen have to do sometimes!
4. Many rural roads are in poor conditions, driving a new Exora taxi is foolhardy.

The expected effect of standardising all taxis to 1Exora is the price hike that customers have to bear.

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