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Sunday, August 4, 2013


The 56th Merdeka Day is round the corner, 31st August.

1968, just a decade after Merdeka under the helm of the first PM, Tunku Abdul Rahman and Deputy, Tun Razak Hussein. Barely half a year later May 13 happened.

The cabinet ministers (left); the Sabah issue was at its height (below).

 Tunku's brave legacy to establish Malysia's ricebowl, Kuala Muda Irrigation Scheme (MADA), Kedah.

RM49 million expansion of GH, K. Lumpur

RM1million state mosque, Kuching declared open.

Malaysia has already invested in 13 motor assembly plants.

Other industries were established eg. tyre, battery etc.

Malaysia as the supremo in natural rubber production, now 3rd ranking after Thailand and Indonesia.

Merdeka Day joy.

In 1968, I lied to my father. After the HSC exams at King George V School, Seremban I decided to join the school trip to Chiangmai, my first overseas trip.  Knowing well he won't allow me to go and when I went back to kampong I told him that the bus fare has been paid  (actually not yet) using the savings kept from the $65/month scholarship. He was angry saying that we don't have the money and I could travel when I am already working. We were miserably poor folks. I was adamant. He had no choice but to let me go. Four years later, I was off to deepsouth US (cajun and jambalaya country) thanks to Mahathir's education policy to send more bumis to study overseas. There, I travelled much.

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