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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


An idea was mooted to bring in teachers from India to help teach English. Can you imagine how your grandchildren talk the way they talk English in India? With much tongue rolled to add the accent? That was how a former Science Adviser to the PM described it to me when I commented that we are regressing in English.

Language needs practice even to master one own's mother tongue - writing, conversation, reading, music, watching, listening, imitating ...

Glad that I found these two books at the Ipoh Sunday Market that were used to teach beginning English in primary schools in the 50's and early 60's. Reminds me of how slow I was learning the language!

After Book One and Book Two stages of Beacon Reading next go to Book Three. The latter was written by James H. Fassett and first published in 1922 by Ginn and Company Limited, London. The copy I got is in mint condition, the forty first impression (1956) of the revised edition of 1931.

First topic of Book Three.

A penny can buy a pig? Our Shafie Apdal would say that the penny is useless.

Forgot the rhyming of chicken licken!

Titty and Tatty.

After Beacon Book Three one is ready for Malayan Readers starting from Reader 1 and further.

Lesson 1 of Reader 4. Scout motto "Be Prepared." Reminds me of my Queen Scout badge!

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