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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Muhammad Ali 'The Greatest', 'sting like a bee, dance like a butterfly' was in Kuala Lumpur for an exhibition(?) match in the 70's. The little girl he held in his arms would be a beautiful woman of fifties now. If she reads this blog she would recognise herself or somebody would!

Dato' Harun Idris (L; Ghazali Shafie on the right), former Menteri Besar of Selangor in arranging the event borrowed money from Bank Rakyat to finance the costs. The venture was a flop and Harun became heavily indebted. This is what I gathered for I don't really know the full story.

Cassius Clay was born in Louisville, Kentucky.

"I'm the greatest" shouts Cassius Clay as he dances around the ring with handlers after winning the title after Sonny Liston failed to return for the seventh round.

Ali, the world heavyweight champion, stands over Sonny Liston in their return bout in Lewiston, Missouri. Ali knocked Liston with a 'phantom punch' after only 1 minute, 42 seconds of the first round.

Ali returned to the ring in 1970. In Atlanta he defeated Jerry Quarry in three rounds.

14 grueling rounds elapsed before Ali, visibly affected by Oscar Bonavena's relentless attacks, flattened his Argentine opponent with a left hook. The referee proclaimed Ali the victor two knockdowns later.

Salvo of lefts and rights decked George Foreman in the eight round.

May Allah bless Hj. Muhammad Ali the best of health in his twilight years.

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