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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I mean politically.

Just before the recent UGA he said humbly, "Saya orang biasa".

Being in the doldrums for so long and with plenty of time at hand Ku Li may have reinvented himself in many ways. A wiser politician perhaps but much left out of current support and kakis among the younger generation of UMNO members.

The opposition parties would not want him in their ranks for they have their own people lined up. Moreover, they could not trust  a longtime UMNO member. A katak lompat can be an opportunist.

Ku Li is not that desperate to test the opposition waters. He is just marking time and let it be. He could reminisce his times  of ambitiousness and jealousies in dirty politics that got him played out by the likes of Musa, Anwar, and others.

Mahathir may not forgiven him for the splinter in UMNO when he formed the breakaway Semangat 46. In another light Ku Li was brave to do such a move but then did the right thing later as an act of solidarity when they disbanded and rejoined UMNO.

Can a Kelantanese be a PM? They can be detrimentally parochial at times.

Ah, in these days of cheap politicians and dirt of good leaders!

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