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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Tripoli in Libya is steeped in history of political interest to the US. A decade after the civil war ended they ventured for new horizons towards the Middle East among others. That set the beginning of a megalomaniacal for world power.

Their entry point to the Middle East was the coast of northwest Africa, the Barbary Coast  - Morocco, Algiers and Tripoli. There were fierce piracy, rich slave trading and cruel sultans in the region.

Tripoli harbour, c. 1802.

Slave trading.

The Middle East is now the US's backyard where they make wars and change governments at impunity. Oil is what make it profitable adventure. Just a few days ago their special forces hijacked al Liby, a top Al Qaeda commander in broad daylight.

They know Tripoli like the back of their hands since early days more so now with spy satellites hovering.

Tripoli was brazened enough to declare war on the US in 1801.

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