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Monday, October 14, 2013


Bigot - one obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his own belief or opinion.

Roosevelt was a bigot but also a racist who became President of USA in 1901 and reelected for another term in 1904. He believed in white supremacy and was perhaps a Ku Klux Klan cloaked in the White House.

Foreign lands and natives were to be subjugated under the pretext of benevolence. His policy as head of state propelled the American psyche to a deranged sense of might.

White supremacy.

Bigoted moslems.

Victories of Islam over Christian.

Natives as the missing links.

Faked naval battle, the idea.

Roosevelt's mentor.

In praise of Japan.

In the tradition of the Aryan's race by the like of Roosevelt.

Years before the WW1 the Americans promulgated  the pride of the Aryans conquering over others. Can it be said that the precursor of Nazism was the US and not Germany?

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