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Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Would NAJMUHY (short for Najib-Muhyiddin) bank in the Nusantara Bridge proposed by Melaka? Chances are not. For one thing Melaka would put them to shame if the bridge become a reality. Both of them believe that they have the longest nose bridges beyond which is fathomless.

Naj is the worse fellow for he is clueless even after 11x3years wallowing in politics of luxury and pretension. One can tell from his habits of sloganeering and misspending tax-payers' money. He is already burdening the rakyat whatmore another term. Now he is trying hard to look smart and shed the stupid image.

Strategically, he still cannot see beyond the scenic bridge. Is something holding him back? Ask slumberjack, Singapore, or even CIA.

Slumberjack even in his apnea got the second bridge built for Penang! He may have undergone the Pillar Procedure, not snoring anymore to the delight of Jean.

As for Muhy when Sabahans asked for Labuan-KK bridge he said much depend on economics. What does he know about economics when his readings lately as Minister of Education are based on Bahasa? He is blind to PPSMI.

Anyway, economics is not the one and only thing to be considered. To be inclusive to borrow Naj other factors should be taken into account - social benefits, security measures, transportation efficiency, technology spinoffs, human resource training, job opportunities, to be gained for now and the future. How one equate those in monetary terms?

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  1. To buid Labuan bridge brings no benefit to this political party only and nothing etc.. Regarding Muhy, he does not know a single bit of economics. Very simple to prove that he is wrong.Good infrastructure must come first before bringing in business activity. The way he do is just in the opposite direction. No wonder after 30 years of Labuan became a federal territory,is still a small fishing village.
    God please help the peoples of Labuan.