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Wednesday, November 27, 2013


The crusade against Islam is still ongoing but under various guises - fight against terror, bombings and missiles (drones), Guantanamo, government change, globalisation, currency manipulations, trade barriers ... What happened to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali, Yaman, Mindanao, Patani ... Indeed, the US is the mother of crusader states.

After meeting the Pope at the Vatican Najib went to Mekah to make amends probably. What has he been doing for the past 11x3 years in politics to remain clueless of so many things? We are talking about putting things in the right perspectives, past and present.

Lest he forget history. What does he know about the papacy and crusades? Does he show cognizance of the millions that sacrificed their lives for Islam and the Muslim  civilisation - the Ayubbids, the Seljuks, the Ottomans?

Pope Urban II was the initiator of the 1st Crusade in 1096. Many Popes after him were crusaders.

The castle near Latakia, Syria where Salahudin al-Ayubi spent much the winter when not fighting against the infidels.
I visited the castle in 1999. The Aga Khan Trust has allocated funds to repair the castle.

Salahudin spent a total of 27 years on horseback to wage war against the crusaders. In 1187 he destroyed the army of the Kingdom of Jerusalem at the Battle of Hattin and recovered Jerusalem for Islam. Four years later he died poor in Damascus after giving away whatever he has to charity.

The Ottomans, the saviour of Islam.

Mehmet II captured Constantinople, the seat of the Byzantine Empire in 1453.

Source: Geoffrey Hindley. 2004. A Brief History of the Crusades: Islam and Christianity in the Struggle for World Supremacy. Constable & Robinson, London 300pp

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