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Monday, July 13, 2015


When cash is king, all is not safe. Money talks. Are the hitmen of the underworld anxiously waiting for order(s) to silence those who know the very inner secrets of the billions laundered using 1MDB as the conduit?  The money trail would get bloody.

This man knows too much. Fear that he is on the disappearing act or has simply disappeared!
Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil - key link between 1MDB, Najib and Jho Low
Nik Faisal Ariff Kamil – key link between 1MDB, Najib and Jho Low

Jho Low, do you think he dare to step onto Malaysian soil? 

The fake arrest of Xavier Justo, was likely a false flag to nail the man down. 

Sirul and his colleague are already (re)sentenced to the gallows for carrying orders to kill Altantuya. Who gave the order?

Never know if people might want to silence Dr Mahathir for harping on 1MDB and being accused with ulterior motives. At 90, he has nothing to be afraid of what more for the love of the country.

Akan kembalikah bangsaku
Menjadi bangsa yang dijajah, dihina dan diperhambakan
Wahai bangsaku
Begitu mudahkah kamu lupa
Aku akan pergi tidak lama lagi
Dapatkah aku pejam mata dan hembus nafas terakhir
Kerana bangsaku

The Cash King has gotten the country into deep shit. Ringgit is at its lowest. The rakyat is suffering and furious. There are elements who may be driven to desperation and take the law into their own hands. ISIS? Hey brader, be safe. Stay put in the palace and ride on bigmama, you hear! 

The Cash King realises that if he resign where is the safe place to go with the billions? So, all is not safe.

Who have access to C4, radioactive Plutonium? 

Sekarang sanggup menjual hak yang sedikit
Hak memilih, hak mengundi
Untuk mendapat kesenangan tanpa usaha, kesenangan yang sedikit

Maruah dijual
Bangsa dijual
Tanahair dijual
Segalanya dijual
Untuk nikmat yang tidak kekal, nikmat yang sementara yang sedikit sahaja
Politik yang menyelamat
Menjadi politik yang menghancur
Pemimpin semakin tamak
Untuk tempat dan kedudukan tinggi
Perbuatan yang haram dihalalkan
Nama Allah diperalatkan, dijual untuk nikmat yang sementara di dunia

n.b. with excerpts from Che Det (in Malay)

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