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Friday, July 17, 2015


The seed of riot was sown at PWTC. When Dr M was giving a speech, the IGP ordered his men to take the mike away from him. That was how you treat a former PM? Kalau bukan kurang ajar tak tahulah apa bahasanya lagi. Is Malaysia becoming a police state?

Dr M was just explaining about 1MDB. Is it forbidden to talk about RM42billion of rakyats' money gone down the drain? The bogeyman according to the police then was that a fracas if not riot was brewing. Was it a case of the sheperd crying wolf? The imaginary wolf is evolving into a reality and the little monster is growing.

Then the little monster got slightly bigger and nastier at Low Yat! Now you cry wolf, nobody going to believe what you say, riot or not.

In fact, nobody going to believe whatever the government says about 1MDB. Najibugis, the Pretender is scared shit to sue WSJ or SR. Still many would go along with the fuckeda dajjal because Cash is King.

The spin is that there is a conspiracy that people including Dr M want to topple the fuckeda Cash King. Yes, it is true that the rakyat want to topple the dajjal. The bigger picture is not Najibugis per se but to save the Malays from sinking with the bastard. With him, the support for UMNO and vote for Barisan will surely diminish and loose the GE. 

The dajjal will go on adding people to his coterie of spin masters thinking that the rakyat are fools to believe his lies on 1MDB. 

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