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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Najib's new executive jet is useless now. They would not like to leave the country to attend international matters. He has no face value internationally. Nobody wants to be associated with a government head who had pocketed more than RM3billion through money laundering. He and wife will leave the country only to escape to Khazakstan by private jet, sponsored.

We are at the low bargaining end. Malaysia will find it difficult to borrow money even from from IMF. If the 1MDB cannot service its debts in time what more that of foreign funds.

Within the country, he is buying time. But his time is up. 1MDB will bury Najibugis, Rosmah and their coterie of suckers. He is a desperate man and will do desperate things. By axing AG and several cabinet ministers, the ball is rolling hotter and unstoppable till a time when he is displaced. 

The battle line is clearer now.  The final showdown will be the rakyat rising against the Mother of All Conspirators, the Mother of All Pretenders. It is just a matter of time.

Make it hotter, Najibugis! You are going to reap what you sow. For 3x11 years in politics you have evolved into a megalomaniac of a monster, a dajjal personified.


  1. Ha ha ha I like. Just a day ago I've used the fused NAJIBUGIS acronym and said out loud in many blogging sites pros & cons that, KARMA is a real damn BITCH. When it comes to bite NAJIBUGIS and, it will be soon I surely hope, that his bedfellow would cried "...I would have to save myself first before I can even save you...maybe?"

    Whatever, from the other side of the continent I wish for this blog and many others who craved for justice will get to see it.


    Melayu Luar Negara

    PS. just happened to stumbled upon your blog and hoped its a good read like JMD, DT, OSTB, CG, JUSTREAD, GRK, Matthias Chiang, amongst many that write with good intentions to expose the calculated and regulated and made legal-corruption such as 1MDB!

    1. Sorry, if you think that Just Read is one of the blogs writing "with good intentions to expose the calculated and regulated and made legal-corruption such as 1MDB!", you are sadly mistaken.

      Just Read, Another Brick In The Wall, Rocky's Bru, Seademon, The Unspinners and dR MiM are among the worst sycophants you can the misfortune to come across, if you are a searcher of truth and enlightment. They're like little splatters of excrement on the windscreen of a car under a carpet of God's glorious starscape.