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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Sultan gave away P. Pinang to Light
Temenggong gave away Singapura to Raffles

P. Pinang is now Chinese
Singapura is now Chinese

Seberang Perai is China (Malaysia)
Johore Bahru is China (Mainland)

What so great about BangsaJ?
What the fuck!

(Che Det)
6. What did Bloomberg say in its report on Nov 22 last year? It said that a China Chinese company will build Forest City in J.B. which can accommodate 700,000. It went on to say that plane loads of China Chinese are being flown in to view the man-sized model (with pictures) and they have and will buy most of the properties in Forest City.

7. I doubt if many Johore Malays and Chinese are buying or going to buy these apartments. There just aren’t that many Malaysians to buy all these properties.

8. Bloomberg, in the same report mentioned 60 other development similar to Forest City, and these are also being sold to mainland Chinese.

9. Looking back to 1819, when Sultan Ali of Johore did not lease Singapore to the British, the Temenggong signed the lease. And look at Singapore today. A part of Johore is now a foreign country – well developed no doubt, but a foreign country.

10. There will be in all more than a million foreigners living in J.B Forest City and the 60 other development. These new places will not become a foreign country, but it will have an inordinate percentage of foreign people. If they stay long enough they will be entitled to become citizens of Malaysia.

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