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Thursday, June 8, 2017


According to Sanusi, Dick is "nafsu kuat".

Dick is a pretender. But fuckda is a destructor of religion, moral and nation. On economics he claims cash is king. On religion he is not afraid of God - Quran quoting to cleanse himself from the shithole he has dug. On the nation - could not care less, pocketed 2.6 billion through MDB. 

Petot is a failed politician. Dick knows that Isa knows Port his dick. Hence, Petot needs to be placated first (Felda Chairman) but shamefully neutralised later in stepwise manner.  Shahrir, the henchman gets 1 million to do the job. Zakaria Arshad is collateral damage.

Lama tak dengar ZZ main (muzik).

(Acknowledgement: pictures from tt)

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