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Sunday, June 11, 2017


Ahmad Yani (19 June 1922 - 1 Oct 1965).

Yani, at Sukarno's left.

Yani's open letter to President Soekarno to dispel false accusations against him plotting a coup. Certainly he had enemies. He had put down Muslim rebellion in parts of Sumatra and Java. 

Elements of Parti Komunis Indonesia (PKI) under Aidid had strong influence over Soekarno stoked the fire framing Yani especially after the so-called "Council of Generals". 

The President favoured his commandship led to meteoric rise in the army. This added to jealousies. 

Apparently, the armed forces was not given orders to mobilise during the few days after Yani's death to hunt the murderers. 

The aftermath was the bloody manhunt against the communists by the masses. The Chinese bore the brunt. Many were banished to China.

Bodies of Yani and six other comrades (5 of them generals) murdered and found buried in a well at Lubang Buaya, early October 1965.

Indonesia lost a truly down-to-earth, natural born hero that was yet to reach full bloom. Allah's will.

(Ref. Profile of a Soldier. 1990, Amelia Yani, Heinemann Asia, Singapore)

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