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Sunday, June 18, 2017


No man is an island. How true! During one's life sojourn countless hands help push you to make it through to strive for the better. 

Our parents and relatives are the ones that have a great influence on us right after we are born. In the outer circle we interact with people of all walks of life - friends, teachers, professionals, politicians … They shape and guide us in myriad of ways to be what we are today.

 Outside my relatives these are but a few episodes that I could put in pictures. Several other people are already mentioned in past postings.

Classmates at Special Malay Class (SMC) I and II at Tunku Besar Primary School, Tampin. Miss Chia (front row, centre) was the class teacher, Cikgu Ibrahim (on her left) helped to obtain a federal minor scholarship. 

Taha was ADUN of Gemencheh my father used to bring me to see him for whatever recommendations, scholarship for example. In a political power struggle, Mokhtar Hashim (Minister of Youth), Abdullah Ambek (my teacher at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan, Kg Gedok) and others teamed up to depose Taha and shoot him.  

Paul (centre), attached at the British Military Regiment adjacent to Tunku Besar Secondary (TBS) School was the scoutmaster during lower secondary. He arranged many activities - camping, adventure games, visit to Singapore using his own van. He left for England.

Just after 6th Form at KGV, Seremban, Dr Harnam did tympanoplasty at his private clinic for both my ears.

Before joining College of Agriculture, Serdang in 1971 I was attached to Dunlop Research Centre, Batang Melaka as a research conductor. HM Collier was Head of the Centre.

Some of the lecturers at College of Agriculture. Dr Halim  (crop production, rightmost, deceased), Dr Rashdan (Principal, 2nd from right), and Md Noor (Farm Manager, leftmost).

On getting married Hj Baiza (deceased) became my brother-in law. He got his way with words and people. I just listened. I would say that he was a man who could but fell from grace with the fall of Datuk Harun Idris.

She delivered my first child (boy) in 1980 at Fatimah Specialist Centre, Ipoh.

Maxine Thompson, my major professor at Oregon State University. It was an excellent research training and writing with her.

Mush later in life Dr Alijah Gordon made me aware of the Palestine situation.

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