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Saturday, August 12, 2017


The Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519) learnt about the workings of the body by dissecting more than 30 corpses. This sketch by him - though in parts inaccurate, shows the basic anatomy of a woman. He created moulds of organs such as the heart, lungs and womb by injecting molten wax into them.

The human body is a miracle machine that provides life. It has hundreds of body parts and billions of processes going simultaneously day and night throughout years of age. Anything can go wrong especially when good health care is not practised. With ageing things get worse.

The heart, the most vital organ of the body. Without the heart pumping blood carrying oxygen, the brain is dead.

High cholesterol intake without regular exercise are contributing factors to blockage of the heart's arteries that supply blood to the heart. 
Plaques on the walls of arterial vessels. Below is model showing a catheter with a stent at the end to balloon a blocked artery.

My first angioplasty showing a blocked artery. I did not follow a strict diet as recommended resulting in three procedures done by Dato' Seri Robaayah and Dr. Bala at IJN since 2001, hope that will be enough. Nowadays, I fast religiously to control eating dangerous foods.

Exercise the heart regularly. For the years past I could make it to scale 5 on the tread mill. My exercise is to sweat it out in the farm almost daily.

I had high fever that lasted two weeks when I was a baby. Soon both my ears were discharging. Growing up in the kampong was care free. My father advised me not to swim in the river. I did not follow the advise. The ears got infected time and again. The antibiotic (MB), hydrogen peroxide and other sinseh medicine did not work.

 Thus, I was suffering chronic ottitis media until the age of 20 when Dr. Harnam Singh patched up both ear drums (tympanoplasty) that  solved the problem greatly but not totally.

After finishing my MS degree in the US (LSU) I seeked ear treatment at the world famous White's Clinic, Los Angeles. The specialist replaced the middle ear bones of the right ear with synthetic ones. I am not sure how much its hearing improved. For the left ear, the bone conduction hearing lost was severe so nothing much could be done.

Several years ago, prostate enlarged causing to urinate in pain. When traces of blood started to come along I have had TURP procedure done by  a well known urinologist in Ipoh.  I did not realise that the recovery take time and I was not resting enough.

Advertisement for prostatitis treatment:
"Perlu difahami bahawa prostatitis ialah penyakit yang membawa maut, satu daripada bahaya utamanya ialah transformasi menjadi tumor berkanser. Penyakit yang tidak dirawat dan tidak dikawal kerap menjadi semakin teruk dengan cepat dan boleh menjadi kanser dalam hanya 1-2 tahun. Itu pula kerap membawa kepada kematian pesakit.
Kini kaum lelaki mempunyai peluang unik untuk mengelak dan merawat pembesaran dan keradangan prostat buat selamanya – walaupun tidak kerap ke klinik.
Pada tahun 2016 satu produk revolusioner telah dibawa ke pasaran yang telah mengembalikan fungsi kelenjar prostat dengan cepat, menghilangkan keradangan, mempunyai kesan yang bermanfaat walaupun keadaan kronik teruk prostatitis, dan meningkatkan potens lelaki dengan ketara dan tempoh hubungan seks. Nama penyelesaian semula jadi ini ialah Prostalgene. Ini ialah satu produk yang boleh digunakan di mana-mana sahaja dan memang mampu dibeli oleh mana-mana lelaki. Ahli sains perubatan dari AS telah mengambil bahagian dalam pembangunannya yang mengambil masa selama 2 tahun."

A couple of months after prostatitis treatment, I had the appendicitis removed. It was done by the same urinologist that treated me before.

A thin sliver of fatty tissue partially cover the cornea of both eyes. It has been    there for many years. Afraid that it may spread out an eye specialist surgically removed it on the left eye. Apparently, it was not necessary to do so for the untreated (right) eye its vision remains unimpaired.

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