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Saturday, April 30, 2011


 Teluk Rubiah, a cosy, tranquil cove not far from Setiawan.
The resort project was built perhaps during MB Ramli Ngah is now abandoned.

Numerous delipidated 2 storey wooden bungalows and unkept golf course.

Millions had been spent on the project. What when wrong with the investment that failed? My guess is that it was meant to be an exclusive holiday niche for the rich. A cleared site for their holiday homes now full of lalang.

Designed for exclusiveness for the elites Tlk Rubiah was not promoted for public use and thus little income. The elites would frequent the resort at their whims and fancy for there are other places of choice to wallow.

The guard told me that the abandoned resort has been leased to a Brazillian company for an iron/steel mill. A jetty reaching far out into the sea is being built. Why build an environment polluting heavy metal in such a beautiful nook? Why not somewhere near to transportation route but away from peole? Even if the guard's statement was not true, Teluk Rubiah has been wronged.

An idyllic hideaway, heaven on earth, gift of Allah to earth beings will be soon gone, unless and unless the MB decide otherwise.

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  1. Dr Shaharudin,

    Terima Kasih atas keprihatinan Dr! Kami telah usaha sejak dari 2 tahun yang lalu sebagai pencinta alam dan juga penduduk tempatan. Kini kami usahakan di , dan . Kami mohon doktor dpt memberi sumbangan ke atas kepakaran doktor, dorongan dan ilmu.