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Monday, July 25, 2011


Malaysia played a role in accomodating war refugees from Vietnam in Pulau Bidong and transit camps (before they were repatriated to third countries) in Sungai Besi and elswhere. The boat people as they were called also landed in Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia ...

Nguyen Cao Ky, former air force general who ruled Vietnam during the Vietnam War for 2 years died at 80 in Kuala Lumpur two days ago.

The war perpetrated by the US created hell for the populace in Vietnam.

The domino effect did not happen after the fall of South Vietnam to the communist North. It was just propanda by the US to gather support for the war in Vietnam.

The axis of Satan is hell-raising in Iraq, Afghanistan and everywhere.

They define humanity, democracy and destruction.

The might of ground and air weaponry and bombs were used and put to test in Vietnam - phosphorus inciendary bombs, napalm, agent orange included.

The fall of Saigon at the Tet offensive - people scrambling to flee in a helicopter.

Many people fled the country to escape the ensuing retributions and genocide to become refugees in neighbouring countries.

Escape by all means - land, rivers and South China Sea by flimsy and overcrowded boats.

On the seas they were at the mercy of pirates. Thai pirates took a heavy toll on the boat people.

At Pulau Bidong.

Living in a boat was perhaps better than in overcrowded refugee camps.

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