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Friday, July 8, 2011


Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia's first Prime Minister was a man with a big heart. A big heart means having big, brave ideas of benevolence to the rakyat at large. His heart was with them first.

Though coming from an elite family but his policies were not elitist when come to development for the country. It is only the non-elites who want to prove that they are more elitists the elites.

Four legacies amongst others that Tunku left for us:

Legacy 1. Gaining independence for the country from the British colonial.

He brought harmony to the country by getting the three major races to form Perikatan, a political platform that worked together to gain independence.

Proclaimation of independence at Melaka on 31st August 1957.

Legacy 2. Prevailed the long gureilla warfare against the Malayan Communist Part led by Chin Peng.

Chin Peng at the peace talk at Baling which Tunku himself present.

Legacy 3. Formation of Malaysia in 1963.

Malaysia's capital city.

Parliamentary democracy.

Legacy 3. His dream to make Kedah as the rice bowl of Malaysia and enhance food security.

Tunku launching the Muda Irrigation Scheme (MADA) in 1970(?).

Total cost for the project was $228M of $135M was loaned from the World Bank. 50,000 rice farm families involving 325,000 member directly benefitted from the scheme.

A total of 564 miles of irrigation canals and 480 miles of road system were built. Bank Pertanian allocated $50M for revolving loan and 27 Farmers' Associations formed to provide technical and cooperative assistance.

Legacy 4. Jihad for Islam.

Tunku formed PERKIM and was very active in the organisation.

Internationally, he was well known among the Islamic nations to get on closer relationship in many aspects. He introduced the annual Quran recital competition for national and international levels.

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