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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Beer is cheaper than coke in the US they say. Come Friday beer guzzling gets to a higher pitch, pitcher by pitcher because 'thanks goodness it's Friday' prelude to more bashing during weekend. Reportedly they are not as drunk as the Aussies in downing the alcoholic stimulant.

Hithertho, it is unbelieveable that the marines are not partying and guzzling beer in Riyadh, land of the Ibn Sauds. What prevent them from showing disrespect? In fact they would enjoy doing it as they did in Afghanistan, peed on Afghan bodies. The mother land of our sacred Mekah and Madinah is thus tainted.

The safest and most strategic place to keep drones in the Middle East is Riyadh. They are being used to kill Muslims in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria ....

Who brought Holiday Inn, an American imperialist symbol  almost to the center of Masjidil Haram? Who built palaces overcrowding Masjidil Haram to the inconvenience of millions of Haj and Umrah pilgrims? Who demolished artifacts, houses and mosques associated with Prophet Mohamad s.a.w. and his family?

It is only in the last few years that pilgrims are getting better facilities in terms of accomodation , road system and transportation during haj and umrah. In the past 1000 years and more what have been done with the astronomous sum collected? Why overdoing it to place many 5-star hotels close to Masjidil Haram to the benefit of the rich and letting the poor and maim suffer long walks from far flung hotels? Why not built in balance to the needs of both types of pilgrims?

Whose head(s) is supposed to roll? Not that of Mohammad Najeeb A. Kashgari for a minor insult if there is!

This politician, inbred of a long heritage of acknowledged leaders is a man in a hurry. A decision is suppposed to be as quick as silver - the mark of efficiency which is not true in all cases.

To him a head (probably) chopped off is of no value in deriving a solution to a problem. As a menteri he could have said better - the Sauds just want their man back, and not to say anything about Malaysia to be a bed for extremist or terrorist.

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