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Monday, February 20, 2012


A war looms over Iran. It will not be meted by the Greeks as in 330 B.C. in which Persepolis felled to Alexander (anyway the ancient society is now bankcrupt) but in total now by the West - US-EU and its proxy, Israel.

Persians (L), Greek (R) at the Battle of Plataea, 479 B.C.

The US has some longtime scores to settle with Iran. The stooge, Shah Reza Pahlavi the gateway to the country's oil was deposed during the 1978-1978 Revolution.

Even in times of difficulties after the war with Iraq, the US sanctioned Iran causing further humanitarian calamities.

The upsurge of Islam began with Ayatollah Khomeini's presidency in 1979.

The West's old score with Islam is about the lost crusades. The US, a crusading state will carry on the religous war to gain resources at the same time.

They can plan but Allah knows all.

Modern Tehran with the Elburz Mountains in the background (L).

Iran is resource-rich country. Besides oil they have iron, copper and resourceful people. Their nuclear power plants are on the verge of operation and this worries them. Only the have the monopoly of nuclear energy, Iran don't. That is ruse number 1 to go to nuke them.

Sanctions are being imposed to weaken the economy and populace of Iran. Hungry people are angry people and apt to go against their leaders. This ia also part of conditioning the world view to legitimise further drastic actions.

The latest ruse will be that Iran is barbaric for not selling oil 20% ot its oil to Europe knowing well that Europe's economy is in tatters. Worst still many deaths already and others are dying or suffering from severe snow. Iran has swallowed the bait, a trap to justify war.

The Persians have a long history of civilisation. Settlers and farmers were there about 6000 B.C. Long before that signs of human life were found in the Zagros Mountains dating back 100,000 B.C.

The war against Iran will obliterate much of its proud history and artefacts. A country devoid of historical records will be disunited, loose its identity and confidence. This has happened in Iraq and soon Afghanistan?

The Muslims will continue to fall into the Syiah-Sunni catharsis that suits the enemies. Let them kill each other!

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