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Monday, February 13, 2012


The real-life heroine of Baghdad al beit a Malaysian and a woman at that went twice to war zone Iraq. She returned to write the 1001 sufferrings of the Iraqis. The heroine is none other than Shahanaaz Habib, a journalist with The Star.

The Americans bombed and bastardized the Mesopotamian and Babylonian civilisation history. The Iraqis are still in turmoil and distrust each other. History unites people. It is a basis for national identity and confidence. Devoid of history, a pariah state exists.

May the WMD liars suffer the death of 300,000 deaths. The Iraqis will not forget revenge not in the next 1000 years.

Never before the Arab physique is at its lowest ebb. To redeem they must revolutionize against their dictators who are the collaborators of imperialism.
Angry Iraqis stomping a Spanish intelligence officer's corpse (R).

Life must go on (L)

Shahanaaz put her life on the line. May Allah protect her.
Her book (R) published in 2004.

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