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Thursday, February 16, 2012


After being heavily garlanded at the cave of Thaipusam what is Najib's decision on Sharizat?

By the way was the flower garland blessed by Hindu dieties and priests beforehand?

Shahrizat's denial of anything to do with her husband's RM250 million NFC project is analogous to denial of using her fingers to eat budu or milk a male cow.

Even at the proposal stage she must be able to foresee possible conflict of interest and other ramifications on Salleh taking the project. She must veto her husband right there and then using whatever means even using two fingers.

A sumarai kontot's simplistic solution to the NFC fiasco - pay back all and a retender the project! As easy as that. Millions have been spent where are they going to get the cash? Somebody got to buy back the infrastructure and then reinvest. We are not sure who is the government come PRU13!


  1. Kak ijat ni kalau ikut takrif zaman dulu, dia dianggap ada ilmu kebal.
    Malasahnya utk rakyat ialah kita nampak ia ilmu hitam. Beliau kata ilmu putih.
    Salah silap, garmen tak kebal, dan career politik kak ijat kena bungkus dgn kain putih. Siapa yg nak undi beliau, saya pun tak tahu.

  2. Kak jat ni orang baik sebenarnya. But she failed the acid test between political career and family commitment. She is still lucky though because under najib one is allowed to make mistake after mistake for he himself commits blunder after blunder.

    Salleh pulak tak tahu sempadan, tamak agaknya. Anyway, a true blooded Kelantan goes by the dictum bu-du, buri _ and duit.

    Jat should have given him the sacrotal crunch using two finger technique. Kalau tak mati, pengsan dibuatnya!