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Sunday, September 9, 2012


We all started with 11 and end up with 13, in reference to the Federation of Malaya and the formation of Malaysia. The numbers are God-given geographical spread and nothing magic about them.

Dolah likes 13 and believes in it auspiciousness. He got what he want, his fall from grace (for going against the Chinese fengshui).  Numbers do not determine destiny! Believing in them (magical)could lead to syirik.

Astrology is a pseudoscience using certain features of astronomy. Astrologers of the past especially use the signs of nature and universe to predict events, conduct ceremonies, go to war as exemplified in many civilisations -  Egyptian, Aztec, Indian, Chinese.

Fancying in numbers by itself has no merit in governing a country. Decisions are
based on well-grounded rationale.

If 13 brings misfortune then skip it and use 14 instead ( has been done in house or floor numbering). Is this coming PRU13 will witness major upheavels?

What so great about 11? Bankers are familiar with Chapter 11, the last saving effort before bankcruptcy.

How about 11 Sept (L)?

Najib's first penchant is 1. Hence, 1Malaysia. Doubling the stroke becomes 11 (November election; for goodness sake say it straight!), triple it becomes 111 (number of imams sponsored by 1MDB), quadruple it becomes 111.1 (budget for Permata).

After about 11 x 3 years in politics Najib is still groping till the 11th hour.

He is indeed in a maze of his own creation!

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