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Wednesday, September 19, 2012


What William had to say about our king of fruit? "It's nice". Aptly that is what a royal guest would say to show sensitivity to the host. If you read it well, he meant not to embarrass Najib and the public.

Elsewhere, he said "I'd just like to say how delicious the food was but how relieved (I was) that durian was not on the menu". They had a good laugh.

If we trace remarks made by westerners about the durian 99% of the times they found it obnoxious in odour. We like it because we are born with it figuratively speaking.

Whoever put the fruit on exhibit for  the royal reception is forcing his likes before the dislikes of others! Najib is not sensitive to that also. He is a durian lover (apart from Rosmah). He held a durian diplomacy across the straits sometimes ago. There was much belching thereafter that nobody want to open their (foul) mouths!

This belching is a natural to do after the stomach has been stretched by the durian gas. It happened when I had to belched unstoppably after taking a few ulas of (heaped, hence partially feremented) Jenderam durian. The odour filled the whole floor of the restaurant. I heard someone commented "Since when MacD has a durian menu?"

Below is William's Good Indian's Prayer. Not really his actually but of his forebear, King George V (left). Wonder why the title is such? The Prince might know.

If I have any connection at all with Geoge V is that I attended a school that bears his name in Seremban.

Thank you for coming to Malaysia. Please come again. There won't be durian, or belacan, budu or ikan masin served!

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