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Sunday, December 22, 2013


Najib in family photo. What the great man think of him?

Quite a playboy.

Dumped the beautiful first wife. He doesn't like BuDu.

Since he joined politics at the tender age of 22 till now he is still trying to shed the shadow of his father's image - Felda, Razak's visit to China ...

This is what he said as Minister of Education?

He asked for feedback on indiscipline but said that nothing we can do about indiscipline! That is not solving the problem at the same not supportive of the teachers. He must suggest policies and measures to curb serious discipline problems in  schools eg. reward-punishment system, counselling, PTAs, community involvement, extracurricular activities so on and so forth. Not to imply to live with the problem!

Talk is not cheap then. Behind him the RM7.2B paid consultants are doing the talking to propel us into high income economy at the expense of burdening the rakyat. Nazir makes it looks easy with RM9M annual take.

For being clueless and blunderfool after 11x3 years (11 his feng shui number) in politics then the hands that push him up should push him down. Malaysia has and is suffering from two blunderfools. The country is regressing in more ways than one.

Two things happen when you grow older - age and wise. It seems that only age happens to Najib.

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