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Monday, December 9, 2013


Hishamudin is a nicotine addict. It is not easy to detox and come out clean from such candu. However he must try otherwise suffer the consequences. I tried Peter Stuyvesant post-school days but my throat was sensitive and I would cough. It was a good thing to deter me from getting the habit.

I don't know what brand he puffs but certainly not Player's or Rough Rider. They were cigarettes of yore.

Apart from the guidelines to adhere he needs strong self-discipline to quit smoking.

Modern medicine makes angioplasty routine. Whatmore, the stent technology to balloon the blocked artery has improved to sophistication.

Alhamdulillah, Hishamudin gone through the angio well. He is to say a modified man. I am too a modified man in many ways. Had undergone angioplasty thrice. I think it's in the genes. My indebtness to Dato' Seri Roba'ayah and Dato' Bala of IJN.

Kick the habit bro.

Or you may become like this according to the Ministry of Health.

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