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Saturday, December 14, 2013


Myanmar, this 60 million people so-called Buddhist country is on rampage against Muslims, the Rohingyas. Skirmishes against Muslims have occurred many times before especially after General Ne Win's coup  in 1962.

Surely their god(s) is(are) not angry neither the people have misunderstood their religion. Is it hatred in the people - monks, the army and junta lead to genocide of the Rohingyas? In the western state of Rakhine, 200 people have been killed, whole villages burned forcing 140,000 to flee their homes.

This man from United Nations, Razali Ismail has been very active in and out of Myanmar to cajole the Myanmar junta in order to gain release of Su Kyi who has been under house arrest for more than a decade. Now, where is he and what has he done to appease the junta from committing more atrocities to the Muslims? He should use his leverage in the UN, Su Kyi and Myanmar to help stop the killing fields.

Su Kyi, since her release dare not say anything to the perpetrators of the crime against humanity.

Pity the Muslims wherever they originated from earlier on generations ago to settle in Myanmar. For what they have contributed to the development of the country they are not even recognised as citizens.

May your donations through this Maybank account help ease the sufferings of the Rohingyas.

Malaysia has not done enough to help the Rohingyas. Najib spent billions on consultants to save his skin but immune to the slaughter of Muslims. Should Malaysia send athletes to the SEA Games in Myanmar?

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