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Friday, December 20, 2013


Dr. Hashim Wahab was the Deputy DG of MARDI at one time and thus one of my bosses between 1979-1990. He left MARDI to be DG of the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) based in Kota Kinabalu in 1990. I left for MARDI Cameron Highlands the next year. I know him as a no-nonsense administrator, scientist, being open-minded and approachable. A scientist cannot be dogmatic as I learned.

Dr. Hashim is an achiever and still going on doing that put many others to shame including me. He is a member of the Malaysian Science Academy. He was in the corporate sector for some years after he left MCB. He keeps abreast in many things as his blog reveals:

His hobbies are varied - cycling, mountain climbing, books, organisations, conferences, service to the community, adventure travel. He has cycled to N. Korea from here, climbed Mt. Kinabalu several times and has written a book about his outdoor activities during his stay in Sabah.

It must be more than two decades ago when he said about taking pegaga juice good for health. He must be doing other things to keep fit and youthful as seen in the recent picture above. If he keeps a young wife that I don't know!! I have been out of touch of him since he left MARDI.

Has Dr. Hashim found the elixir of youth? The book he is holding entitled "The Proven Keys for Long, Healthy Life" among the many in his extensive library suggests that he is doing something right. Visit his blog and ask him.

There is an anti-aging society that has been established by Dr. Harnam Singh, a world reknown ENT consultant. I know him too for he did tympanoplasty on both my left and right ears in the early 70s. He is a man of calmness with always a smile on his face and soft spoken.

There are encouraging developments now that there is serious talk about self-sufficiency in rice and setting up an agricultural university. Hope the latter materialise soonest.  The country needs to establish a full-bodied R&D organisation for rice just like cocoa, oil palm and rubber to achieve the self-sufficiency objective. Dr. Hashim Wahab with his wide knowledge and international experience in agricultural science could be a pillar in the proposed university and rice development.

On a personal note, Dr. Hashim attended my wedding in September 1979, and I am embarrassed to say I have not returned any favour since. This posting is but a small gratitute to him.

Dr. Hashim Wahab (left).

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