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Wednesday, February 26, 2014


It is believed that shape of the earth began with a massive landmass known as Pangaea more than 245million years ago.

65 million years later on Pangaea divided into two huge landmasses, Laurasia in the north and Gondwanaland in the south.

The shape of the earth's several land masses (in colour) as recent as 65million years ago. The whole of Southeast Asia what more Malaysia was not yet formed!

 In terms of geologic time, 65 million years ago we were merging from late Mesozoic into early Cenozoic era, specifically in terms of period from late Cretaceous into early Tertiary (Paleocene epoch).

The recent archeological find of remains of a dinosaur named Spinosaurus in Pahang more than 65millions ago may present a mismatch with geologic time because Malaysia was not yet in existence as mentioned earlier! We were still part of a large landmass yet to undergo further shaping then. Changes in land form are due to innumerous recurrence of many great natural forces through millions of years eg. movement of tectonic plates causing land upheavels (sinking or rising), changes in water level due to weather and temperature changes (ice age and melting), volcanic eruptions, tsunami, soil erosion.

The presence of the remains of the dinosaur found in Malaysia could be explained by the possibility that that the particular dinosaur already long (millions of years) dead was also lying buried deep in a part of the landmass that later gave way to form Peninsular Malaysia.

Anyway, Dr Masatoshi and his team of archeologists are in a better position to explain the finding of the so called Spinosaurus to match with geologic time in this small part of the earth, Pahang.

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