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Sunday, February 9, 2014


Cameron Highlands is approachable from four directions - via old road from Tapah, via Spg. Pulia, via Gua Musang, and latest from Kuala Lipis (pic above). I took the K. Lipis approach that goes to Ringlet about two years ago. It is quite scenic, the road is wide, and the ascend very gradual thus not winding.

The road cuts through a number of Orang Asli villages, the first is Pos Batau that has a secondary school.

A rubber holding, a source of income for OA.

A mixed dusun  of durian and banana belonging to OA.

Some logging activities are still going on.

Transition to better housing for OA (foreground); opening of plantation after logging (background).

The road passes through Lembah Bertam where there are extensive commercial flower and vegetable growing under plastic shelter hence much hill-cutting before it reaches Ringlet town.

n.b. The lack of details in the writing is because the short notes I took during the drive were nowhere to be found.

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