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Friday, February 28, 2014


Najib wants to be all and be all. He proclaimed that he is the chief scout of Malaysia. Since when he has time to be in the scout movement? To be a scout is to be committed not just lip service. If he is really the CSM why we do not see scouts during National Day parade at the Merdeka Padang? Would he know about Baden Powell?

The examplar Chief Scout of Malaysia was Mubin Sheppard who promoted the scout movement wholeheartedly with deeds.

Yours truly, a Queen Scout at Tunku Besar Secondary School, Tampin, 1966(?). Seated fourth from left, En. Kamarudin (Scout Master/chief lab assistant), on his left Cikgu Razali (hostel master). At that time Dr. Kamarudin Kacha, the present Scout Commissioner of Malaysia was already active in the scout movement probably as the State Commissioner then.

Najib with his notorious Up 1finger thing. A scout would show a three finger salute with a motto 'Be Prepared'.

Najib was not 'Be Prepared' at the University of Nottingham, hence unprepared to be the PM. A pretender he is. In that sense he is an extremist at the other end of of the scale. Ignore the extremists he said!

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