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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Nature's misfit, a two-headed snake.

Snake like godumbu (biawak, iguana, monitor lizard) has forked tongue. 

Do not trust people with forked tongue. 

The forked tongue of godumbu.

Prowl like an owl, kill a snake. 

Not to be afraid of the snake. You must know how to handle a snake.

I rather kill the snake the instance I see it rather than let it slither on any part of my body.

Life in the kampong was very hard then. Appu and his Keling gang living in the estate nearby would carry a long bamboo pole with a wire loop at one end to catch godumbu climbing a coconut tree. They say the meat is good. Wonder how they prepare it.

There is a saying "Seperti mendukung biawak hidup" (Likened to shoulder a life iguana).
Jokingly people use to say, rather in bad taste though, if you see a snake and a Keling which one you kill first?

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