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Monday, May 26, 2014


The best of architecture is to challenge the elements of geography yet in harmony with nature. Give back to nature what it offers. The artificial beauty thus created should blend with the environment and living style. That what makes sustainable living.

The Dionysion Monastry on Mount Athos.

"Wonderful buildings," judged Babur (above) in 1528 as he inspected a palace constructed by a Rajput prince, Man Singh, within the hilltop fortress of Gwalior (left). Babur's eye compelled him to add, "in heavy and unsymmetrical blocks however." This Hindu architecture inspired the style of Fatehpur Sikri, exquisite new capital near Agra begun by Babur's grandson Akbar in 1571.

The desert can be hostile and unforgiving. Life is always a challenge against the forces of nature - extreme heat, harmatan, scarcity of food. Subject to severe tests humanity may fail. Survival becomes violent.  

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