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Monday, May 12, 2014


Najib loves durian, the king of fruits. He had a durian diplomacy with his Singaporean counterpart about 2 years ago. After the party, there was hardly any talk at all for their mouths smell, more embarrassing when belahak (burp).

When he came back, Najib said the land issue at Woodlands was settled. Never mind being at the losing end just like Pulau Batu Putih. To him we got it settled and the job done! Who is the traitor, the Musang King durians (supposedly the best durian) or Najib?

When Prince Philips came here Najib proudly exhibited durians and a party to follow. We know from the former's comment that he had uncomfortable time with the durians. As if Najib don't know that most Westerners are averse to the odour. It's no wonder, he didn't complete (fail?) his studies at Nottingham.

If that is not enough, listen to what he said or analyse his deeds in his 11x3 years in politics.

RM65M to renovate official residence? Only a durianbusuk-headed PM would do that at the expense of rakyat's money.

He thinks that he is a giant of sort of Lalliputan. The fact is that the minions want to tie him down and bury him before PRU14.

Others in the herd want to be like the Musang King head. Their talk smell of fermented durian. 

No payback for loans? How about the thousands and thousands of students in the future? There would be less for them. The national debt has reached RM500B. Where's the money coming from? GST? Let the devil take the hindmost.

The opposition party, many are non-Malays want him to be up there. With all his blunders and clueless government, it would easier to topple BN in the next general election. This is more so because the Malays are already fed up with him.

Najib and his ma'am dikalongkan. Hopefully, the kalong has not been blessed by Ganesh or Murugan or both!

Keep him at our own peril.

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