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Sunday, October 5, 2014


Brave new Turkey under Erdogan.

Bridge at Istanbul linking European (left) and Asian parts of Turkey.

13.6km Marmaray rail tunnel built  across the Bosphorus with a 1.4km underwater immerse-tube placed 55m deep on the seabed. Compared to Malaysia we are but minnows and wimps who cannot even build our half-way bridge over the Straits of Johore! Dolah, Najib and all cannot see beyond their nose bridges. All they know is to lay waste and let the rakyat pay.

Subterranean living:

Steps and passageways leading to man made living underground niches at Cappadocia.

Openings provide good ventilation and aeration.

Entrance to underground cavern for ceramic ware and pottery making, Avanos Village in Cappadocia.

Pottery out of the kiln

Artisan designing and painting ceramic ware.

Ceramic craft on display and sale.

Entrance into a historical church dug in a hillock where early Christians lived secretly in order to survive and keep their faith, Cappadocia.

Entrance to an underground silk carpet making factory, Avanos Village.

Family living quarters above the factory.

Part of underground dining hall.

Underground restaurant and belly dancing entertainment, Cappadocia.

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