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Monday, October 6, 2014


Elephants, the largest land mammal have been tamed by man for use during peace (transportation, leisure, work), and war. Their brute strength and size have been exploited at their expense at times.

Mahouts on elephants crossing a river in Pahang, early 1930s.

Elephant diplomacy by Raffles who sent an elephant to the Shogun of Japan, 1813 ie. just after he had founded Singapore.

Anna Forbes, a traveller (with umbrella) in the Malayan jungles.

My Pak Itam (left) joining an elephant catch, Pahang.

Elephants as work animals to get timber to the rivers to be flowed downstream in Thailand.

Pulling a plow for padi cultivation in the yesteryears, Sri Lanka.

Procession of Moghul court going through the streets of Delhi.

Dashahara festival, Mysore.

Elephants in tourism industry, Chiengmai, Thailand.

Skeleton exhibit in Museum, Johor Bahru.

A cut-off  foot of a mother elephant which derailed a train while protecting her offspring at Tapah. It was given to me years ago by an uncle.

Rouge elephant hunted down, North Borneo.

An elephant under examination and study hung by a crane, Africa.

A whale of an elephant.

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