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Saturday, October 11, 2014


Through the agency of the Malaysian Sociological Research Institute (MSRI) headed by Dr. Alijah Gordon then my wife and I were fortunate to be able to sponsor a daughter of a Palestinian refugee family in Lebanon (under Adopt a Palestinian Child Programme) for a number of years beginning in 2003 until she got married @2007.

The family lives in a refugee camp, Burj el-Shemali in south Lebanon. Other refugee camps in red lettering.

Head of the family, already bedridden for many years and his wife sitting beside him. Dina aka Dunya Miri (3rd from left) with her younger sister and brother on her right, and camp social worker (rightmost). 

Alijah Gordon (on wheelchair) with several children of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon. (Alijah was already bedridden, yet still working in her office when we first met her in 2004).

SAVE visited Dina Miri twice. On the second visit, after spending overnight at the Mayflower Hotel in Beirut I travelled by taxi to Bur el-Shemali. 

Dawn in Beirut, along a street close to the hotel.

Driver of the taxi of an old Mercedes. After the visit to the camp we returned to Beirut and he drove me to the border of Syria. (From there another taxi took me to Qassabin, northwest Syria where my host family lives).

Dwarf Cavendish banana planting along the coast, south Lebanon.

A street scene in one of the towns along the the way to south Lebanon.

Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless Dina's family and Alijah.

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