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Thursday, October 2, 2014


Painting depicting a Japanese pearl diver surfacing with an oyster that may contain pearl. Pearling is a tradition in Nippon country.

Japan is famous for pearl culture. A 'mother seed' is inserted into each oyster for it to be enveloped gradually by secretions from the oyster which formed the pearl.

Extracting pearls after opening the bivalve.

Women may go for pearl necklaces after diamond. We used to have a wonderful pearl 'Pearl of the Orient'!

A pearling boat in the waters near Sri Lanka. The seated men are divers, resting after getting the shells from the sea bed.

My first taste of raw oysters was at the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana way back in 1975 thereabout. With a dash of a sliced lemon squeezed over it, the slimy stuff is swallowed whole in a gulp.

We had our oysters' gala (pic, middle) while we were holed up overnight in a hotel in Manila due to delay on the connecting flight to Toronto a year ago. 

Thus oysters prove to be sustainable for man providing food as well ornament to trade. The Japanese being innovative know where the money is.

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