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Monday, September 29, 2014


In the mountains to the east of Brunei and close to the border with Kalimantan is located the Kelabit Highlands so called because  of the Kelabit ethnic communities living there.  

Bario is the nerve centre of the Kelabit homeland accessible by flight Twin Otter from Miri nowadays but not in the yesteryears.

The Lun Bawang, Saban, and Kenyah minority communities live in close association around the Kelabits.

A Kelabit father and son in a party dress at Long Lelang in headhunting festival.

Penghulu Miri (with belt of silver dollars) and his warriors.

Longhouse has been central (still is for the Ibans) in the mode of living amongst the many ethnics in Sarawak including that of Kelabit.

Ceremonies and communal drinking in an irau feast at Bario.

Kelabit women celebrating in new clothes and sarongs they just received.

Young Kelabit mother with newborn.

Boys learn to use the blowpipe early.

Those were the yesteryears after the headhunting had stopped (thanks to the Brookes), life was simple and carefree.

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