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Sunday, September 28, 2014


The energy budget to prepare food for the table in traditional communities is high and so is the time needed. 

Rice is the staple food in Asia. The energy budget in the various processes of planting, harvesting, storage, winnowing (to separate the chaffs),  pounding, and finally cooking could very well be negative in the end for traditional communities. It is the other foods that we eat along with rice that tip the energy balance in terms of total calorie intake.


Nayar women of Kerala practice polyandry sometimes ago.

Traditional pounding rice using 'losong kaki' in the kampungs in the past. It works like a see-saw by stepping with one foot at the base end of the  wooden contrivance, the hammer end will rise and fall once the foot is released.

Den maleh
Poee tumbok bogheh tu 
Den tak koso Mak
Kau memang dogil
Lotih Mak
Osah kau tak guno

Losong kaki
Pijak, angkek kaki
Losong menumbok 
Pijak, angkek kaki
Soghibu kali
Lotih lutut buek eh
Den tak koso

(Minangkabau dialect of Negeri Sembilan)

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