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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Che Det's posting:

"25. Look at the record of the Europeans, especially after they created Israel. Now, although they will not admit it, they are carrying out a crusade against Islam and the Muslims. Call it a war on terror or the clash of civilisation. But factually it is still a continuation of the crusade of the past centuries.
26. Against this modern Crusade the Muslims have no answer. They don’t have a Saladin (Salah El Din) to lead them. And over the centuries they have allowed themselves to become weak. They have ignored the injunctions of Allah in the Quran that they must be prepared to defend the ummah and Islam."
Salah ad-Din, ruler of Egypt and Syria from 564/1169 to 589/1193. He recaptured Baitul Muqaddis from the crusaders in October 1187.


November 1095,  Pope Urban II proclaimed the 1st crusade and by July 1099 Jerusalem was captured by the crusaders.

In 1096, the 1st crusade to regain Baitul Muqaddis (Jerusalem) from the Muslims (Arabs) began its bloodbath journey from Bouillon, Belgium by  Geofrey, Duke of Lower Lorraine, one of the several military leaders.

Goefrey kneeling before the king of Belgium to receive blessings before crusading.

Parting of Baldwin of Boulonge. He was the brother of Goefrey, both of whom led the 1st crusade. He became Count of Edessa and later king of Jerusalem. 

The bloodbath committed by the Franj crusaders at the fall of Al-Quds (Jerusalem), 1099 was barbaric and beyond Christian dogma. The atrocities are still ongoing but now by the crusading Zionists. Elsewhere in Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali, Somalia, Chechnya the crusaders continue their killing fields under various guises.

The atrocities committed at Ma'arra, Syria as chronicled by their own people, Radulph of Caen.

The crusade against Islam is still ongoing but under various guises - fight against terror, bombings and missiles (drones), Guantanamo, government change, globalisation, currency manipulations, trade barriers. What happened to Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Palestine, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Mali, Yaman, Mindanao, Patani ...? Indeed, the US is the mother of all crusader states.

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