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Sunday, September 7, 2014


In 1979, Juhayman al Ateybi had his group of rebels smuggled and concealed a large assortment of automatic weapons into Masjidil Haram, the Grand Mosque. They then stormed the minarets and bastioned themselves at the top of the minarets. Other rebels stationed themselves at other strategic locations. 

With their weapons blazing rather indiscriminately onto the grounds below, they declared over the loudspeakers that Masjidil Haram is under their control. 

Smoke seen coming out from the base of one of the minarets where the battle had begun.

The Saudi's National Guards caught unaware of the rebellion soon began a running battle against the rebels.

Saudi trropers in the final hours of battle in the Qaboo underground of the Grand Mosque.

Juhayman, leader of the uprising shot dead. The rebels were captured after troopers regained the Qaboo underground.

Among the French commandos instrumental in helping to put down the uprising, Ignace Wodecki, Christian Lambert, and Captain Paul Barril (far right) with a Saudi officer.

Courtesy of the book 'Seige of Mecca.'

The al Sauds gained their kingdom by blood warring against other Arab tribes and against the Ottomans. Over the years they befriended the Great Satan, their Islamic (Wahhabi) ideals compromised in ways detrimental not only to the country but also the entire Middle East. 

In 1987, that is eight years after the rebellion, there was a slaughter by the Sauds of hundreds of pilgrims mostly Iranians holding a peaceful rally in Mecca condemning the Great Satan's hegemony (refer to my 3 March 2014 posting).

ISIS is already calling for blood of the Sauds!

Alastair Crooke Fmr. MI-6 agent; Author.* *Middle East Time Bomb: The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia* *This article is Part II of Alastair Crooke's historical analysis of the roots of ISIS and its impact on the future of the Middle East.* - *"The key political question is whether the simple fact of ISIS' successes will stimulate and activate the dissenter 'gene' -- within the Saudi kingdom. If it does, and Saudi Arabia is engulfed by the ISIS fervor, the Gulf will never be the same again...

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