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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Apparently, FLOM's second home or backyard is USA. Why not? Her celebrity son is in New York and Hollywood. Brimmer and FLOM were in Hawaii recently. After that, she was reportedly jet-setting to Indianapolis. 

The politicians declare that we welcome second homers here. Why is that so? It is because many of them (and others) have second homes - in England, Australia (Dolah, Taib), Riviera (Effendi), Brimmer (Khazakstan?), AKJ (Switzerland), Daim (Africa).

Whether the US like or want me or not, whether I like that country or not I have the same backyard as FLOM's by default. Suffice to say for now that my first car (minus the lady) was a dark green 1970 Vega Cheverolet bought from a Venezuelan student.

The proposed rendezvous with FLOM at the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco is not to push her into the Bay. Nay, I do not harbour ill thoughts or bad intentions towards her. It is a ploy to persuade her hubby Brimmer to see beyond his nose bridge and learn a thing or two about real bridges. 

GGB is a sight to see and a wonder of an engineering feat. It is more than 80 years old. I passed that bridge several times during our travels.

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