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Sunday, February 15, 2015


During Mahathir times, Anwar was put in jail out of his own doing. Come Dolah, he pulled Anwar out and proclaimed that Anwar got the best lawyers. 

Remember, that KJ was the errand boy who personally delivered Anwar's passport. 

Now, Anwar is back in the boondocks at the Bamboo River. And Mahathir is vindicated.  

Dollah's second home is Autralia. He comes back off and on and pretends that he cares for the forests. 

But it was during his times that a botanical garden was proposed in Perak that would take a chunk of Orang Asli's land who live in the forest.

His protege, another pretender is a golf-headed man wanting to make 'Everybody can play golf in Hawaii.' He is talking nuts. 

It would better for the lads if badminton-cum-takraw courts are built in most villages including that of Orang Asli's. 

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