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Sunday, February 22, 2015


The book 'Who's Who in Malaysia" by Victor Morais which I bought at an old bookstore in Ipoh many years ago turns out to be a  gem to me. From it I came to know more of important people who had imprints in my life when schooling and even working.

Joginder was the Headmaster at Tunku Besar Secondary School. He did not spare the rod. One morning he lined us all in front of the hostel and gave the cane  for demonstrating (the previous day) for the ikan bilis and boiled egg dinner issue at the hostel!

Mrs. T. Chapman was the Headmistress of Tunku Besar Primary School. I used to see her husband at her office during lunch breaks. They have a beautiful daughter who taught English in the school. 

Robert Chapman was our Std V to VI classmate. Razali (who left for MCKK) and I played a dirty joke on him.  

Mohamad Jamil was the DG when I began working in MARDI. His daughter, Rosminah (deceased) was a classmate during Kolej Pertanian days.

I recall that at least once, my father and I went to see Taha at his house to recommend for state scholarship during my primary school at TBS. Thereafter, for a couple of years I received $20 a month, a lot of money then. I remember vividly that his habit was to read newspapers in the morning in his car parked by the roadside in Gemencheh.

Taha was killed by gunshot in a political imbroglio in Gemencheh. 

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