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Saturday, May 2, 2015


Malaysia is a favourite country for Bangladeshi workers to earn a living but we do not know much about their socio-cultural-historical background. They come here to work hard and mind their own business. They have to spend large sums of money to come here and they just want to earn as much as possible before going back to their country. I have on occasions to know several of them quite close because they work my vegetable farm in Cameron Highlands.

On gaining independence, the Indian subcontinent was divided into (Muslim) Pakistan (East and West) and India proper. East Pakistan, now Bangladesh decided to break away from the high-handed administration of West Pakistan resulting in civil war in 1971.

During the civil war between West and East Pakistan, millions of Bengalis fled for safety across the border to India in whatever mode of transportation they could get. India also aided the Bengalis militarily.

These Bengalis were some of the estimated 10 million refugees who returned to Bangladesh at the end of the civil war.

Bengalis of the Mukti Bahini guerillas patrol their territory.

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, the first  President of Bangladesh.

With malice toward [sic] none. In a ceremony at Dacca, Bengali leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman received arms from the Mukti Bahini guerrillas and urged them not to retaliate against the Bihari minority which had supported Pakistan in the civil war.

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