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Friday, May 8, 2015


Tunku Aziz kicked himself out from a high position in DAP. From the derring-do he became a hero of some sort. Supposedly, a man of integrity and a fighter. 

Najib roped him to be in the Anti-Corruption Commission to be somebody again. He owes Najib a favour. A favour returned, thus. 

But his accusations against Mahathir smacks of his professionalism and clearly shows that he is not fit to be a member of such.

Extracts from Che Det's recent postings:

Tunku Abdul Aziz tries to pin the BMF scandal on me on the basis of a statement by Lorraine Esme Othman as quoted in his article thus:
“He (Lorraine) asked me (Tunku) whether he alone could have made the decision to move billions of US Dollars without instruction from “high above”.”
He assumes that “high above” Lorraine was me. There are lots of people high above Lorraine. I will not name them here because I don’t like making inferences when I have no concrete evidence. Lorraine went to London where he was jailed.
Neither Bank Bumiputra nor BMF were directly under me. I had nothing to do with their management. Please show proof of my involvement in the affair of BB or BMF.
14. I was informed of the measures to be taken to resolve the scandal and I agreed to sending an officer to check on the deals with the Carrian Group. He was subsequently murdered.
15. Tunku Aziz is a director of the International Instittute of Public Ethics and a member of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
16. I would like to ask Tunku Aziz whether his attempt to accuse me of being involved in the BMF scandal on such flimsy ground is ethical or not.
17. And as member of the Anti-Corruption Commission, he can make a full investigation of my record to find out how many billions I stole from the Government as he seems to imply. If he fails, he should at least have the decency to apologise.
18. And as someone who professes to be concerned about corruption, shouldn’t he ask how Jho Low and Riza Aziz have hundreds of millions of dollars. And shouldn’t he be interested in public officers who live well beyond their means. Or has he got selective awareness of what is going on around him. An American paper reported that now Malaysia is among the ten most corrupt countries in the world. Shouldn’t he try to find out why?

9. Tunku Aziz berkata dia sedia menyiasat Jho Low dan Riza Aziz jika saya buat laporan. Sebenarnya laporan telah dibuat oleh pihak lain tetapi tidak ada siasatan yang dibuat oleh sesiapa. Sebaliknya pihak yang melapor dimufliskan dan rumahnya telah digeledah.
10. Jika Tunku Aziz begitu prihatin terhadap gejala rasuah, siasatlah dan laporlah kes-kes berkenaan. Buktikan juga yang saya lesap duit kerajaan!!
Jika tidak dapat diam sajalah.

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